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NCERT English workbook for Class 9

NCERT English workbook for Class 9


Words and Expressions 1, a sequence to the textbook in English for Class IX, Beehive, is a self-study material. The main purpose of this workbook is to give learners exposure to further their skills in language in the context of their textbook. The passages and activities given here will enable them to handle English for performing important language functions and help them develop critical thinking on contemporary concerns. Grammar activities are presented in everyday contexts. The book is expected to serve as a basis for revisiting language learning. The 11 units in this workbook are not designed in isolation. The chapters of the textbook and the units are to be taught in a coordinated manner. The units correspond to each lesson in the textbook. Each unit starts with an ice-breaker - Let's begin' followed by Comprehension passages, Vocabulary tasks, Grammar exercises, Editing, Listening, Speaking and Writing activities. All units end with Project reiterating the learning through elaborate activities. The sections focus on a particular language skill. 'Let's begin' asks questions making the students think and discuss. They are asked to collect information, read various written texts and e-texts, watch and listen to online resources from Internet services like YouTube. They are required to work in groups of two or four, jot down points, develop speech, debate etc. and then to speak before the whole class. This follows integrated process of reading with comprehension, reflection, writing and expressing thoughts. The unseen comprehension passages are chosen based on the themes of the corresponding chapters. It has prose passages as well as poems. The familiarity of the context has been taken care of while selecting the passages. An attempt has been made to expose the learners to a variety of texts, comprehend the meaning of words in context, understand the theme, and answer factual and thought-provoking questions. Learners are also given opportunities to interpret poems, acquainted with beautiful expressions, phrases, and understand the expressions of the images. Some questions have been given to infer meaning, and some are to inspire learners to think critically and bring out learners' deeper understanding of the text. A variety of tasks and exercises are placed strategically to build vocabulary in the given context. Even though difficult words are glossed in the margins, the learners are encouraged to use the dictionary as often as required. The intention is to help them learn new words and their usages as well as new meanings of familiar words in different contexts. Written and spoken compositions are preceded by discussions in peer groups. The themes of the composition include ICT and advanced technology; contemporary issues like gender, environment; adolescent issues; social issues which are relevant to the age group and appropriate to the present time. This is to enable the learners to see the world, and develop necessary skills and face the challenges of the present aswellasfuture Graminar activities are given with usage in focus, not the formal explication to use English of grammatical concepts. The listening and speaking activities give the students enough opportunities to develop listening comprehension and in real life situations. It is reiterated that basic language skills are developed simultaneously, not in isolation, but in an integrated manner. The nuance of the workbook is that, it is directly addressed to the students; the language used is simple, so that there is less dependence on the teachers. The Project activities given at the end of each unit are expected to be engaging, cross-curricular and interdisciplinary. These help generate interest to explore, analyse and then present thoughts orally or in writing. The activities are simple and stress-free, enabling the learners to complete.

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