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Are you a college going student and are upset with the increasing number of used books after each new semester, or you are a regular book reader who after reading the books, keep the old books on the bookshelves or in a cupboard and forget them? If yes, then Clankart is just made for you!

Clankart is India's leading platform where you can sell used books online. At Clankart, we help people to sell their used books to another book lover just like them at interesting prices.

Selling and buying books on Clankart is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. How? Let's see. As a seller, you can earn some good amount of money by selling your old books (which you don't even need) to another person at good prices. And being a buyer, you can save some money by buying the second hand books directly from the book owner.

"Selling used second hand books at your own desired price is not an uphill battle anymore. Just sell them on Clankart!"

Have used, old books cluttering on your bookshelves?

Why not sell your old books and convert them into 'Real Money' into your account?

"Sell your used books, directly to a book lover just like you for actual money." Post Free Ad Now

How to SELL your old books online on Clankart?

Well, you can sell your old used books very easily on Clankart for actual cash.

Earning money by selling your old books is just 3 steps away from you :)

  • Step 1
    post ad

    Post an ad for selling used books

    Post an ad on Clankart describing your book details to sell your old books online.

  • Step 2
    set the price

    Set the selling price for your books

    Set the price for your books at which you want to sell them.

  • Step 3
    money is released

    Get paid into your UPI/Bank account

    You will get money into your account once you receive an order for your book.

How to BUY second hand books online on Clankart?

Well, you can buy second hand books very easily on Clankart.

Saving some good amount of money by buying used (preloved) books is just 3 steps away from you :)

  • Step 1
    search item

    Select the used books you want

    Search from over thousands of used books listed on Clankart.

  • Step 2
    place order

    Place the order by making payment to Clankart

    Then simply place the order by clicking on 'Buy Now' button.

  • Step 3
    books delivered

    Get the books delivered at your doorstep

    The books will be delivered to you at your doorstep!

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