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How to Sell Old Books Online in India?

No matter you are a student, a reader; sell your old books online throughout India on Clankart and earn some extra money in your account.

How to sell used books online in simple steps

  • Step 1

    Sign up for free

    Create a free account on Clankart. All you need is an email id and a phone number.

  • Step 2

    Upload your books

    After signup, upload your books by clicking on 'Sell Used Books' button.

  • Step 3

    Receive & Ship Orders

    After you receive an order for your book, pack it and ship it to the buyer's address.

  • Step 4

    Receive Payments

    Payment is securely deposited directly to your bank/UPI account after the order is delivered to the buyer.

Here's a step-by-step guide how to post ad on Clankart

Sign Up for Free

To start selling your books on Clankart, you need to first create an account on Clankart. Creating the account is very simple. All you need is:

Phone Number

Listing your Books

It is very easy to upload your books on Clankart for sale! Your books ad gets live instantly after you post it.

How to Upload your Book for Sale?

Once you signup, go to Sell Used Books page and upload your book for sale. The process to list your book is simple.

At that page, you will see the 'Book Details' section:

  • The first field is for the Ad Title. Enter a descriptive title for your ad that accurately represents the book you are selling.
  • The next field is Book Details. You can choose to enter the book details manually or automatically by entering the 13 digit ISBN number.
    • If you select the 'Automatically; by just typing the ISBN number' option, then all you need is to enter your book's 13 digit ISBN number . Clankart will automatically fetch all book details like the book type, book category, book title, author name, etc. This option can save the user time and effort in entering book details manually.
    • However, if the book doesn't have an ISBN, then you can enter the book details manually by selecting 'Enter book details manually' option. With this, you should fill in the required fields like book type, book category, book title, author name, etc., by yourself.
  • Then is Book Condition. You should choose the condition that most accurately reflects the book's actual condition.
  • Next is Upload Photos. You should upload at least 3 high-quality photos of the book you are selling. Good quality photos to increase the chances of getting an order.

Next, you will see the 'Pricing Details' section:

  • Then is Your Price field. In this field you set the price for the book at which you want to sell it. Try to list a reasonable price based as this increases the chances of attracting potential buyers and making a sale.
    • Clankart acts as an intermediary in the transaction. Collecting payment from the buyer and releasing payment into the seller account will be the responsibility of Clankart. All you will need is to ship the book to the buyer once you receive an order.
    • When a buyer purchases a book, they make the payment to Clankart. Clankart notifies the seller that they have received an order for their book and the payment is held securely by Clankart. This means that the seller can ship the item to the buyer with confidence, knowing that Clankart has already received the order payment from the buyer and they will receive the payment once the books is received to the buyer. This process ensures seller payment security and builds trust between the buyer and seller
    • Clankart assures the seller that they will receive the payment for their sale once the buyer receives the item.
    • Clankart enables sellers to sell books with confidence, no matter where they are located in India while also enjoying the convenience and security of the transaction process provided by Clankart.
    • No need to complete the transaction offline with the buyer for making payment arrangements and coordinating a meet-up to exchange the book.
  • Next is 'Your shipping charges to buyer'. When a user selects the option to ship the book to a buyer, you will also be asked to specify your shipping charges to the buyer upfront. This is the amount the buyer will need to pay to you in addition to the book's price in order to cover the cost of shipping.
  • Next is 'Preferred Payment Mode'. Then you need to specify your preferred mode of payment for receiving the payment from Clankart once the book is sold. Please note that seller will be asked to provide these details only after they receive an order for their book.

Next, is the 'Your Details' section:

  • This is one time step only. Here you need to provide your information, such as name, email address, phone number and pincode. Please note that your email address and phone number will not be shared to the buyer.

Last, simply click on the Post Ad button. After clicking the button, the book ad will go live on Clankart. From there, interested buyers can view the book details, contact you with 'Chat button' for any questions, and make an offer to purchase the book if they are interested.


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