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GMAT Official Guide in your Budget

GMAT Official Guide in your Budget

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Adapting to the ever-changing GMAT exam, Manhattan Prep’s 6th Edition GMAT Strategy Guides offer the latest approaches for students looking to score in the top percentiles. Written by active instructors with 99th-percentile scores, these books are designed with the student in mind. The 10 Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides included in this set are designed to be clear and comprehensive. Consistently reviewed by students as offering the opportunity for dramatic score improvement, each book delves deeply into a single area of the exam, providing detailed and specialized instruction. When used together, these guides produce a substantial learning impact, helping students develop all the knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking necessary for success on the GMAT. Students will benefit considerably from high-level resources such as: - Six full-length, computer-adaptive practice exams - Over 200 additional free practice questions - New content providing strategies for solving problems more effectively - Topical sets of Official Guide practice questions and detailed answer explanations The Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set is aligned to both the 2015 the 13th Edition GMAC Official Guide and includes: The GMAT Roadmap (205 pages; ISBN: 9781941234099) The Number Properties Guide (200 pages; ISBN: 9781941234051) The Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Guide (130 pages; ISBN: 9781941234020) The Algebra Guide (225 pages; ISBN: 9781941234006) The Word Problems Guide (225 pages; ISBN: 9781941234082) The Geometry Guide (130 pages; ISBN: 9781941234037) The Critical Reasoning Guide (193 pages; ISBN: 9781941234013) The Reading Comprehension Guide (147 pages; ISBN: 9781941234068) The Sentence Correction Guide (306 pages; ISBN:) The Integrated Reasoning and Essays Guide (200 pages; ISBN: 9781941234044) Purchase of this set includes one year of access to Manhattan Prep’s online computer-adaptive GMAT practice exams and Question Banks.

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