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is an amalgamation of medical and basic sciences, and is comprehensively written and later revised and updated to meet the curriculum requirements of Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, Veterinary, Biotechnology, Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences students, and others studying Biochemistry as one of the subjects. This book fully satisfies the revised MCI competency-based curriculum. is the first textbook on Biochemistry in English with multicolor illustrations by an Asian author. The use of multicolors is for a clear understanding of the complicated structures and reactions. is written in a lucid style with the subject being presented as an engaging story growing from elementary information to the most recent advances and with theoretical discussions being supplemented with illustrations, tables, biomedical concepts, clinical correlates, and case studies for an easy understanding of Biochemistry. has each chapter beginning with a four-line verse followed by the text with clinical correlates, a summary, and self-assessment exercises. The lively illustrations and text with appropriate headings and sub-headings in bold type faces facilitate reading path clarity and quick recall. All this will help the students to master the subject and face the examinations with confidence. provides the most recent and essential information on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and current topics such as Diabetes, Cancer, Free Radicals and Antioxidants, Prostaglandins, etc. describes a wide variety of case studies (77) with biomedical correlations. They are listed at the end of relevant chapters for immediate reference, quick review, and better understanding of Biochemistry. contains the basics (Bioorganic and Biophysical Chemistry, Tools of Biochemistry, Immunology, and Genetics) for beginners to learn easily Biochemistry, origins of biochemical words, confusables in Biochemistry, principles of Practical Biochemistry, and Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory.

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Organic chemistry by bhupinder mehta

Organic chemistry by bhupinder mehta

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The second edition of the book continues to offer a range of pedagogical features maintaining the balanced approach of the text. The attempts have been made to further strengthen the conceptual understanding by introducing more ideas and a number of solved problems. Comprehensive in approach, this text presents a rigorous treatment of organic chemistry to enable undergraduate students to learn the subject in a clear, direct, easily understandable and logical manner. Presented in a new and exciting way, the goal of this book is to make the study of organic chemistry as stimulating, interesting, and relevant as possible. Beginning with the structures and properties of molecules, IUPAC nomenclature, stereochemistry, and mechanisms of organic reactions, proceeding next to detailed treatment of chemistry of hydrocarbons and functional groups, then to organometallic compounds and oxidation–reduction reactions, and ending with a study of selected topics (such as heterocyclic compounds, carbohydrates, amino acids, peptides and proteins, drugs and pesticides, dyes, synthetic polymers and spectroscopy), the book narrates a cohesive story about organic chemistry. Transitions between topics are smooth, explanations are lucid, and tie-ins to earlier material are frequent to maintain continuity. The book contains over 500 solved problems from simple to really challenging ones with suitable explanations. In addition, over 275 examples and solved problems on IUPAC nomenclature, with varying levels of difficulty, are included. About Some Key Features of the Book • EXPLORE MORE: Four sets of solved problems provide in-depth knowledge and enhanced understanding of some important aspects of organic chemistry. • MINI ESSAYS: Three small essays present interesting write-ups to provide students with introductory knowledge of chemistry of natural products such as lipids, terpenes, alkaloids, steroids along with nucleic acids and enzymes. • NOTABILIA: Twenty-two ‘notabilia boxes’ interspersed throughout the text highlight the key aspects

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Differential Equations Simmons & Krantz

Differential Equations Simmons & Krantz

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Differential Equations: Theory, Technique And Practice is meant for students studying the basics of differential equations in engineering, mathematics and science courses. Summary Of The Book Differential Equations: Theory, Technique And Practice is an authority on ordinary principles of differential equations. The book has uses in various fields including the different branches of science, engineering and applied mathematics, which makes it a very useful text for students from different disciplines for solving day to day practical problems. The applications in the book depict how differential equations can be applied to several problems. The book covers the historical concepts on differential equations and the evolution of the main concepts of differential equations. The chapters also have notes on noted historical persons and their achievements. There are also longer notes on personalities like Carl Friedrich Gauss, Leonhard Euler and Pierre Simon De Laplace who helped in the development of modern concepts on differential equations. There are also several quality exercises at the end of each chapter and drill exercises to test basic understanding of the topic. Challenge Exercises cover more complex problems requiring deeper understanding of the topic, while Problems For Discussion And Exploration cover critical thinking questions that provoke deep thought. The book includes topics like Qualitative Properties and Theoretical Aspects, Nonlinear Theory, Fourier Series and its Basic Concepts, Laplace Transforms, Second-Order Linear Equations, Numerical Methods, and Calculus of Variations. Hard questions also contain hints for solving them and the book also has a Students Solutions Manual and an Instructors Solution Manual accompanying it. Each chapter also has an additional technology exercise at the end, in order to make the users benefit from computer algebra system. About The Authors George F. Simmons is a professor and author. Other books by George F. Simmons are Calculus with Analytic Geometry, Introduction To Topology And Modern Analysis, Calculus Gems and Precalculus Mathematics In A Nutshell. He is known for his engaging, direct and clear writing style. He has over 40 years of experience in writing books on differential equations and calculus. He did his Bachelors degree in 1946 from California Institute of Technology and his Masters degree in 1948 from the University of Chicago. Later, he went on to complete his doctorate from Yale University in 1957. Steven G. Krantz is a professor and mathematician. Other books by him include Calculus Demystified, Calculus: Single Variable, Geometric Integration Theory, Elements of Advanced Mathematics, and The Integral: A Crux for Analysis. He did his doctorate from Princeton University in 1974 and completed his graduation in 1971 from the University of California in Santa Cruz. He has written over 125 research papers and 45 books.

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