If you are reading this blog post Where and how to sell old books online in India, I suspect you too do not want to throw away your old books and of course, you don’t either want to sell your old books to the local scrap dealers too. This thinking has an obvious reason behind. Why will you sell your used books to a scrap dealer for a few rupees as you probably had bought them at good high prices (maybe hundreds of rupees or even thousands).

This problem is not only yours. There are thousands or lakhs of people in India who feel it hard to sell their old used books at good prices. As there is no other way out, people reluctantly sell second hand books to scrap dealers or just throw them away to get the free space of old books.

But in this 21st century, where technology advances have entered every section of human life, to eradicate this problem, can’t we deploy the technology. In this era where every small business is going online, so why can’t we sell books online. Well, at Clankart, we have done the same for you. Clankart is a platform where you can buy or sell old books online in India at interesting prices.

After scrutinizing this problem from all sides, we, before founding Clankart, conclude that the books themselves are not the problem, rather the lack of communication between old books seller and buyer is the real barrier. Like an old book seller cannot find a buyer for his/her used books who is willing to buy used from you by just sitting at home.
So we somehow need to bring the books seller and book buyer at the same place where used book seller can sell old books directly to book buyer. The very obvious solution we thought that why not to bring this selling and buying of books online. Then we founded Clankart where people can sell books online in India.

On Clankart to sell used books online, all you just need is to follow these 3 steps and your used second hand book will be sold.

– Create an account on Clankart and log in to your account.

– Set the price at which you want to sell your book.

– Post a free ad to sell books online.

From our thousands of buyers, an interested buyer will contact you to buy second hand book from you. That’s it. Your old book is sold. Simple! Isn’t it?

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