A college is an exciting place for self-discovery and growth, while time spent at college is full of memory and joyful experience for every student. And for the same reason, the average person thinks that a student’s life is easy to spend. But that’s the one side of the coin, the other side is not much thriving as this. College-going students have to deal with some common problems. Since students are inexperienced, so when it comes to dealing with problems, they end up with making their simple and minute problems into major ones.
Lets first find out the common challenges that students face in their college life and then we will find out how they can manage with handling these challenges.
The biggest challenge college students have to face is (you guys would have probably guessed) is academics. Just like all the fingers on our hand are not the same, similarly, all the students in a class are not the same. Some of them are god gifted good learners that can easily learn new things in the first go, and some are slow learners that take some time to learn new things and are somewhat slow in studies than others.
But the expectations of their parents are very high from them. So in a race to match their caliber with good learners, these slow or average learners have to face a lot of stress. Which makes them feel depressed.
The firm solution to this problem is ‘professional guidance’. The parents and the students need to be properly guided by the teachers, in which the teacher should explain to both of them, that every child has his own caliber, so it is okay to score less sometime. Putting unnecessary pressure on their child will only bring their child into depression.
Financial Problems
These days, for many students collecting together the money to buy new books, is a big enough hurdle on its own. The soaring cost of college textbooks problem is as dire as ever. For a college going student, the problem to buy new books comes after every new semester or whenever he/she moves to higher grades. As for each new grade students have to buy new books for their new session. So this is a repeated problematic situation.
As there is no way out, in order to buy new books and other study materials, some students or their parents take bank study loans at higher interest rates which worsen their problem more. Or some students just simply skip purchasing new books for their studies and of course hurt their learnings and their grades. And some choose with their livings.
But, is buying new books at soar prices is the entire problem? No, of course not! It is one part of the problem. To understand the other part of it, consider a student has somehow managed to buy new books, but after the semester is over when he will move to new class, a new problem arises i.e., what to do with his used books which are now of no use to him as he moved to a new class. And of course, the problem of buying new books for this new semester remains the same. So students have to struggle with this repetitive unwanted problem.
If we understand both the parts of this problem thoroughly, we can see this book-buying problem itself comes with a solution. Let’s find out.
Let say a student named ‘John’ has moved to a new semester (let it be from 2nd semester to 3rd semester). And similarly, the student in semester 3rd (say Willy) has moved to semester 4th. And same is the situation with that of a student named Mark in the 1st semester i.e., he has moved to 2nd semester. And all are in the same college.
Now when John moves to 3rd semester, he has his old used books of semester 3 with him that are of no use to him in semester 3. But the same used books of John are of great use to Mark who has just moved to his new 2nd semester. And of course, for John, Willy’s used books can fulfil his new semester needs.
Finding the solution, if we connect these dots, we can easily find that one senior’s old used books are needed by juniors for their new semesters. And this forms some dependency chain between seniors and juniors. The only problem here is, the communication gap between senior and junior students, that is, how will they contact each other without knowing.
At Clankart, we help students by filling this communication gap between these two.
Let’s see how.
On Clankart, John can post his ad to sell used books online (of semester 2) inside his college. And in the same fashion Willy can post his ad for selling his old used books online (of semester 3). Now after viewing John’s ad, Mark can contact John to buy second hands books of John at half or even more cheap prices. Similarly, John can approach to Willy to buy her used second hand books of semester 3.
With Clankart both parts of the problem are resolved. Like John has earned some money by selling his used books to Mark and also, he has saved some money by buying second hand books at cheap prices from Willy. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for John. Similar win-win situation is for both Mark and Willy.

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