Buy & Sell Old Books, Second hand books online in India.

As most colleges are located in the outskirts of cities, students find it quite difficult to buy study materials when they move to their new semesters. Not only travel hassles but also high prices, non-availability and other variables are the most obvious complications.

At Clankart, we aim to eradicate these hassles by catering students a platform where they can buy and sell their used books in their vicinity. By doing so, we are trying to make their life simple.

Students know that lots of stuff they use in their courses are needed only for one or two semesters. Like they require particular books only for one semester or two, and after that, they are of no use to them as they move to the higher grades. But, the same used books are needed by their junior grads. In the present system, students either sell their used books to scrap dealers or they approach to booksellers to sell their old used books. But booksellers barely pay them the actual worth of the books and sell the same used books to other buyers at much higher prices. (Like they generally buy these old books at 25 to 40 percent of their actual price and sell the same second hand books at 55 to 65 percent.) So there is a discretionary need of these middlemen, but because there is no way out, this discretionary need has become obligatory one. Tossing this middleman from the transaction would be a win-win situation for both parties. At Clankart, we do the same.

Buy, Sell old books directly from students bypassing middleman’s commission.

Clankart is an online platform on which students can sell their used books, new books to other students inside their college or city. All this can be done by simply posting a FREE ad on Clankart.

So if you got some used books to sell, simply post the ad describing the details of your old book. Boom! You are done. After seeing your ad the buyer will contact you either via phone or chat to purchase that second hand book from you.

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