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CBSE Term 1 Mathematics Book- 100 Percent Exam Ready CBSE Class 10 Objective Question Bank
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About The Author Mohammad Shakeel is a writer, speaker, digital marketer, online trainer, a great thinker and a visionary. He’s only 22 and was awarded by the United Nations for being India’s youngest motivational speaker. He has more than 20 lakh subscribers on YouTube, where he talks about logical motivation, ways to make money, life-changing formulas, intellectual topics and work-like-hell kind of topics. CoolMitra Channel started 4 years ago and has completed a journey of over 120 million views so far. He is looking forward to starting a dedicated YouTube channel for Short-Films in the same category which nobody has ever done in India so far. About The Book To be a pilot of a plane, you need to know how it works. Likewise, if you want to control the most powerful thing on the earth-your MIND, you need to learn about it scientifically. Do you want to work 100 hours a week like most Successful People do in the world? Do you always want to stay energetic? Do you wait for perfection? Do you procrastinate? Are you always lazy? Do you have dreams and goals that you haven't started working on yet? Then this Book can work like MAGIC for you. I hate writing about things that are already been written. This book offers a new formula to master your MIND, it's a great vaccine for procrastinators. His video courses and E-books are also available on his Website. He sold over 100,000 copies of his E-Books in just 4 months. In 2018 he started selling high ticket courses to masses when only a few were selling courses in India.

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Salem, Tamil nadu
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